Guaranteed Fraud Protection

Blockrails™ is a secure, cloud-based platform that uses artificial intelligence to detect, isolate and prevent fraud in payments and business transactions.

Real Estate

Actively licensed REALTORS® can instantly pre-screen prospects to qualify buyers and protect everyone from fraudulent transactions with our Blockrails™ Safe Payment Guarantee* through unlimited monthly use of ClearPay for earnest money deposits with a Blockrails  subscription.

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Blockrails Introduces

The first intuitive payment fraud solution for real estate powered by artificial intelligence.

Detect, prevent and eliminate payment fraud before it happens.

And increase workflow efficiencies.


Are you a licensed REALTOR®, Title Company or manage Escrow? Let Blockrails™ help you with the following:

Remove the risk of payment fraud

Automate the earnest money deposit (30 seconds)

1-2 Day time to settle

Protect identities, account and payment information

Compliant across KYC, AML, CCPA & GDPR requirements

Connect everyone safely & securely in a deal

Eliminate paper checks + emails, texts or calls sharing account info

Guarantee payments up to $1 million*

Pre-screen homebuyer prospects before spending valuable time

Affordable transfer fees for every homebuyer

Unlimited use for deals at $5 a month ($50 annually)


These benefits and more are activated when using the ClearPay™ tool in our Blockrails™ platform, now available for actively licensed REALTORS®, Title Companies and Escrow Agents.

Creating value using new technology

The Blockrails™ platform has been designed and engineered using a targeted combination of technologies to fight fraud in today’s emerging transaction and payment markets.

Our U.S. Pat. Pending technology utilizes a unique architecture of custom designed applications and algorithms that verify, rate and analyze identities and bank accounts to protect REALTORS®, homebuyers and escrow agents against fraudulent parties in payments or transactions.

This technology, when combined with our KYC (Know Your Customer), AML  (Anti-Money Laundering) and BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) compliant third party bank integration and payment service partners (Plaid and Dwolla™), Blockrails™ provides users a seamless, automated and fully secure payment experience.

Finally, for parties still adapting to digital payment automation who prefer sharing account information for routine bank wires, Blockrails™ offers the industry’s only 100% secure and guaranteed method of encrypted account number and identity sharing through our proprietary tool using the world’s foremost trusted and secure Hyperledgerenterprise blockchain technology.

From safe earnest money deposit tools for real estate, to our commercial API for payment providers, banks and financial institutions, our Blockrails™ ecosystem provides all users peace of mind they will always be safe when using Blockrails™.


ClearPay™ – robust payment tool for the real estate industry with a $1 Million Safe Payment Guarantee*


FraudBlock™ – cloud-based API for fraud protection used in financial and commercial enterprises


DealSafe™ – coming soon, a protected deal room with integrated document management, secure chat and project management tools


Our AWS SOC 1 and SOC 2 securely hosted cloud uses the same technology in use by the U.S. Department of Defense.


We’re built for speed at 30 million transactions a week, 4.3 million a day, 180,000 an hour and, 3,000 a second.


Our applications were engineered for use across nearly any industry. From global enterprise fraud management to micro-payment services, we protect everyone. 


A few short steps, using a couple of taps and swipes, then you’re within our safe operating protocols, managing payments to parties more secure than through any commercial bank. 


Holistic Approach

Blockrails™ provides a platform of tools and services that verify account identity when making commercial payments, securing business transactions, and removing payment fraud.


Real estate industry for licensed REALTORS®, title companies, and escrow agencies


Banking, capital markets, payment providers and payment gateway services, including cross-border payment ID verification

Not sure if we service your industry?

Visit our “Industries” page to review the verticals we service and find more on how Blockrails™ may be able to support your business.

Independent Study and Blockrails Research Report

A group of Western Governors University™ MBA students completed an independent (unpaid) market research report regarding “The Use of Emerging Technology in the Fight Against Payment Fraud in the 21st Century”. Please download the report and review for a perspective into the accelerated existence of fraud and identity theft and tap into how the fight against payment fraud can be won using emerging technologies.