Supply Chain & Logistics

Service Providers


Supply chain and logistics service providers
will all benefit from the powerful technology running the Blockrails™ FraudBlock™ fraud protection API.

This API specializes in providing the highest level of accuracy possible in fraud detection and prevention before it happens.

The FraudBlock™ application uses artificial intelligence through machine learning to root out, flag fake identities, accounts, and potential fraud. FraudBlock™ can effectively be used to ensure non-fraudulent accounts are opened, maintained and managed throughout account usage, as well as scoring the validity of parties prior to payment transactions.

The core FraudBlock™ API service capabilities include:

Fraud Detection/Prevention: Business Email Compromise, Fake Email IDs, Email Scams, Phishing and Fake Businesses.

Artificial Intelligence: Anomaly Detection, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Automation.

As FraudBlock™ is designed and built to scale, we recommend initial enrollment on 30 days to establish integration, understand the use case, pricing, and scope of work before launching full-scale services.

We adhere to strict security guidelines and allow you to process confidential data sets with confidence. Our AWS-hosted cloud service runs FraudBlock™ from a SOC 2 Type 1 compliant delivery center.