Real Estate Agents


Actively licensed REALTORS® are fully protected from fraudulent transactions with our Blockrails™ Safe Payment Guarantee* with unlimited monthly use of ClearPayfor earnest money deposits with a Blockrailssubscription.

Also specific to REALTORS® are newly designed features to pre-screen prospects for helping gauge buyer sentiment, financial position, and purchase timing.

With an active subscription, REALTORS® also have access to new, upcoming features and benefits only available through the Blockrails™ platform, including expanded prospect and deal management tools, integrated live chat, e-sign, document storage services and more.

With Blockrails, REALTORS® can now (a) remove the risk of payment loss due to fraud, (b) raise reputation value, (c) eliminate paper checks, and (d) securely manage the earnest money deposit across multiple parties, all combined to protect REALTORS® while helping improve workflow efficiencies.