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Blockrails™ is designed as a secure, turnkey platform for unlimited parties in a transaction within nearly any industry. FraudBlock™ API services are used to validate parties engaged in account creation and transactions, preventing payment and document fraud for business at any scale.

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Remove Risk & Eliminate Guesswork

Our Blockrails™ FraudBlock™ fraud protection API in the AWS Marketplace specializes in providing the highest level of accuracy possible in fraud detection and prevention before it happens. The application uses artificial intelligence through machine learning to root out, pinpoint and flag fake identities, accounts, and potential fraud.

FraudBlock™ is the foundational service and core engine in the greater Blockrails™ platform. Blockrails™ is a cloud-based SaaS-based platform. As a true cloud-native service, 100% born and built in the cloud, Blockrails™ provides key benefits, powered by its core FraudBlock™ services.

The FraudBlock™ fraud protection API service is designed with data accuracy, quality and latency in mind. It offers measurable speed, scale and cost benefits to our clients. These benefits help by replacing costly manual employee processes and procedures, reducing organizational risks, and protecting customers.

Our usage channel and client partnerships span across USA, UK, Europe, and include Fortune 500 companies and mid-level enterprises.

As FraudBlock™ is designed and built to scale, we recommend initial enrollment for 30 days to establish integration, understand the use case, pricing, and scope of work before launching full-scale services.

We adhere to strict security guidelines and allow you to process confidential data sets with confidence. Our AWS-hosted cloud service runs FraudBlock™ from a SOC 2 Type 1 compliant delivery center.


Accurate & Effective

Specializes in providing the highest level of accuracy possible in fraud detection and prevention before it happens.


Scalable & Fast

Cloud-native, 100% born and built in the cloud, with low latency performance.


Efficiency & Value

Replace costly manual employee processes and procedures, reduce organizational risks, and protect customers.


Detect, isolate & prevent fraud

The Blockrails platform was designed & engineered using emerging technologies to fight payment fraud.

  • Globally available, routinely updated security enhancements, machine learning models and new feature advancements
  • We update the platform in real-time, negating the need to schedule maintenance downtime
  • Drastically reduces employee security training, eliminate email phishing fraud, and increases business velocity
  • API integration to run as a Software as a Service (SaaS) or fully integrated into a company Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Subscription-based and cost-flexible settings


What Blockrails Offers

Identity Validation

Using our process for collecting, processing and verifying identities, we ensure each party involved in the payment is fully validated from the possibility of fraud.

safe bank integration

We use Plaid™ for all automated banking integration, giving you peace of mind that your account information is always secure and payments will be compliant.

seamless payments

We use Dwolla™ for all earnest money deposits, ensuring a seamless, trusted and secure movement of cash between banks for every payment.

Realtor® Features

Specific to REALTORS® are newly designed features to pre-screen prospects for helping gauge buyer sentiment, financial position, and purchase timing.


Questions on Our FraudBlock API?

We’re always ready to help answer even the most complex integration questions.

Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, our operations team operates Mon – Fri during routine business hours and can be emailed 24/7. 

FraudBlock™ is priced as a monthly subscription in AWS and allows for consumption requests based on the tier selected. You will be notified when you have consumed 90% or more of the selected tier. Additional taxes or fees may apply. Our FraudBlock™ core capabilities include:

  • Fraud Detection/Prevention: Business Email Compromise(BEC), Fake Email IDs, Email Scams, Phishing, and Fake Businesses
  • Artificial Intelligence: Anomaly Detection, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Automation