Protected Deal Room

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Starting, performing and executing deals has become a disparate web of connected applications, communications and parties. DealSafe™ simplifies the deal process by securely admitting all deal parties into a “safe room” to communicate, manage documents and transact deals from anywhere.


Protect Everyone in the Deal

If you are a title company, escrow agent, or real estate broker, your DealSafe™ subscription gives you access to your own protected deal room.

Services include identity validation, secure document management (up to 1TB free storage or integration with your existing cloud document storage), integrated e-sign applications, secure real-time chat, and optional upgrade for the use of ClearPay™ for secure electronic payments.


No limit on how many projects you can manage


Controlled, encrypted deal room access


Direct, group and select chat channels for each contract or project channel


What Blockrails Provides

identity validation

Using our process for collecting, processing & verifying identities, we ensure each party involved in a payment is fully validated from the possibility of fraud.

safe bank integration

We use Plaid™ for all automated banking integration, giving you peace of mind that your account information is always secure & payments will be compliant.

seamless payments

We use Dwolla™ for all earnest money deposits, ensuring a seamless, trusted & secure movement of cash between banks for every payment.

realtor® features

Specific to REALTORS® are newly designed features to pre-screen prospects for helping gauge buyer sentiment, financial position, and purchase timing.


DealSafe Early Access Registration

Join our growing list of DealSafe™ Early Access Registration applicants for early entry and special pricing pre-release, including a special give-away for all early-access subscribers.