Fraud-Free Payments

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We take the highest level of security required when moving any value of money seriously. It’s our foundation. This is why FraudBlock™ supports ClearPay™ for payor, payee and bank account verification, combined with leading commercial KYC-AML and federally compliant and trusted payment gateway services.


We protect you and your customer data

Blockrails™ secure ClearPay™ application service removes email as a source of sharing account information and invokes intelligent security filters for transferring sensitive data and performing safe payments.

No more sending emails with PDF attachments, sensitive account info, texting account numbers, or calls to “confirm” transaction information. Blockrails™ business protocols remove the variables vulnerable to attack and we back all our payments with our $1 Million Safe Payment Guarantee*.


Encrypted, Secure In-Application Messaging


Bank-to-Bank BSA-Compliant Integration


Secure Blockchain Ledger Option for Manual Account Information Sharing Between Payment Parties


What Blockrails Offers

identity validation

Using our process for collecting, processing and verifying identities, we ensure each party involved in a payment is fully validated for the possibility of fraud. 

safe bank integration

We use Plaid™ for all automated banking integration, giving you peace of mind that your account information is always secure and payments will be compliant.

seamless payments

We use Dwolla™ for all earnest money deposits, ensuring a seamless, trusted and secure movement of cash between banks for every payment.

realtor® features

Specific to REALTORS® are newly designed features to pre-screen prospects for helping gauge buyer sentiment, financial position, and purchase timing.


Activate Your Free Account Today

Getting started is easy & requires a no-cost obligation. Title companies, escrow services & REALTORS® can seamlessly run Blockrails™ from their mobile or desktop for all earnest money deposits under $10,000 & pay less than traditional bank wire fees with ClearPay™. Enroll today and find out how!