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Detect, prevent and eliminate payment fraud before it happens.

Payment Fraud Protection 

Made Easy

How important is your peace of mind? 

We think it's worth a $1 million dollar guarantee on every payment you make using our application. 

Sure, there's a lot of fine print that goes along with that, as our legal team has made sure we're promising what we can deliver. 

Which is why our guarantee is solid: when you transact using Blockrails, we will ensure your payments are never subject to fraud.

So much so, that we guarantee up to $1 million in individual payment loss when using our technology*. 

Absolutes are unobtainable, but we're as close as you'll ever get. Millions in fraud-free payments with 0% intrusion, every time.
Our proprietary artificial intelligence IQ increases with every transaction.  We fight fraud smarter, not only harder.
We're built for speed at 30 million transactions a week, 4.3 million a day, 180,000 an hour and 3,000 a second. That's fast.
From any mobile device (as well as your computer) you can manage security, customers and secure payments – 24/7/365.
A few short steps, taps & swipes, and you're safe, now managing payments as secure as sitting in a Fort Knox vault.


“Our advanced technology was built under the most rigorous scrutiny of payment security in aerospace and aviation.  

"We're now releasing it for real estate to help hammer payment fraud down to zero."

Jason Bennick, CEO Blockrails and President of  Digital Innovation Group Holdings, LLC
We guarantee every payment using Blockrails
Our AWS SOC 1 and SOC 2 securely hosted cloud uses the same technology in use by the U.S. Department of Defense.
Forged & Tested  Standards
How We Eliminate Your Risk 

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* $1,000,000 individual insurance on payments using the Blockrails application subject to acceptance of Terms & Conditions on paid subscriptions.

Services that Safeguard

We take moving money seriously. It's the foundation of what Blockrails was founded upon. Which is why FraudBlock™ expands its services to support ClearPay™ for bank account verification along with identity protection, combined with leading commercial KYC-AML and federally compliant and globally trusted payment gateway services. 

"Blockrails is designed and built to eliminate payment fraud. We've incorporated industry-leading tools and trained machine learning models to help identify and eliminate fraud while providing a secure payment platform."
 Darryl Maraj
Chief Technology Officer 
Blockrails, LLC

Starting, performing and executing deals has become a disparate web of connected applications, communications and parties. DealSafe™ simplifies the deal process by securely admitting all deal parties into a "safe room" to communicate, manage documents and transact deals from anywhere. 

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The Blockrails platform provides a powerful combination of fraud protection services for its subscribers.


If you are an active member of the National Association of REALTORS®, your subscription gives you access to ClearPay™, our premium fraud-protection payment solution.  As an active REALTOR® you are also armed with custom features designed to streamline your deal management workflow to easily manage workload from initial prospecting to securely collecting an earnest money deposit.

If you are a title company escrow or real estate broker, your subscription gives you access to DealSafe™, our protected deal room. Services include   identity validation, secure document management (up to 1TB free storage) or integration with your existing cloud document storage, integrated e-sign applications, secure real-time chat, and optional upgrade to the use of ClearPay for secure electronic payments.  

For Title Companies, Escrow, & Brokerages

If you are a financial institution or payment gateway provider, our FraudBlock™ Enterprise API Service can be activated through the AWS Marketplace and is priced separately.  FraudBlock is a proprietary tool using machine learning to root out, identify and flag fake identities, accounts and potential fraud.  It undercuts the use of 2-Factor Authentication to detect fraud and protect accounts before it's too late.

For Banks, Financial Institutions & Payment Providers